Nero Multiple Recorders at's possessed!

I now have a 1633S w/BS41 (black) and a 811S w/HS0R (white). Look funny in the case together :slight_smile:

Anyway, after installing the 1633S today (already had 811S) my BIOS gave me an error that I do not have an 80-pin EIDE connector on my secondary channel which would be these two drives.

I thought nothing of it since both drives only use Ultra DMA 2 which can be accomplished through 40pin cables.

Now I’m burning a DVD using both recorders with the same TDK media (shows 8x write on both). During the burn process the Nero “Buffer Level” on each fluctuates like there’s no tomorrow…it’s almost scary…the Read Position also makes no sense…

All in all, it looks like it’s all farked up…

What are the benefits of using multiple recorders? It took approx 14 minutes to burn 2 full length DVDs at 8x…is that good?

I just checked both burned DVDs and they seem to play fine…I guess the weird stuff in Nero is normal?
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

They are not 80 pin cables, but 80 wires. They ARE required if the dma is 66 or higher for the optical drives. You will get better burns with the 80 wire cables.

So if I get 80 wire cables, my optical drives will run at UDMA66!!! :eek:

I thought they always run at UDMA33 no matter what?? I know it’s a problem for hard drives but I don’t see how it would effect optical drives.

The 811S is locked at UDMA Mode 2, but the 1633S can operate at UDMA Mode 4.

Interesting indeed. Anybody know the best place to pcik up 80 wire IDE cables locally? Don’t want to order online if I can pick them up in a store

Any good computer store should have them. Don’t get the rounded cables, the RF shielding is non-existant (noise, ergo bad writes).

No problem with rounded cables and my two 1633S drives, or my 851, 811, or 411. I’ve been using rounded cables for several years without any problems.

Cool, ive been told not to use them since they are not shielded and may cause errors!?!

Just burning another simultaneous copy…but this time at 4x…MUCH smoother now…each drives buffer level has stayed between 95-99% at all times…no crazy fluctuating.

I guess 8x on each simultaneously may be too much for my setup?!?

If you are using Nero multiple recorder option to burn the same thing to 2 discs, you must use identical burners. These 2 burners do not burn at the exact same speed, which forces Nero to pause one and wait for the slower one to catch up. It only take a small difference in speed to do this. The reason you see better results at 4x is because they both use CLV at 4x and are burning at closer to the same speed. It makes no difference what cable you use, or the UDMA status, it’s the different burn strategies that’s messing it up.