Nero, Multi-Tasking and Multi Cores

In my many years of burning with Nero, I have never been able to burn a CD/DVD while I’m doing something else. It’s like a sleeping baby- I have to tiptoe around so as not to disturb it. It’s gotten a tiny bit better over the years- I can have one or two very small processes running, but if I try to do anything even moderately challenging (like watching a movie), it’s coaster city.

I’m a little late to the party, but I recently acquired a dual core PC. One of the most exciting aspects about having more than one core is the theoretic ability to utilize 100% of one core to burn while using the other core to do some other CPU intensive task like encoding.

Does this additional core mark the end of my ‘I’m burning so I can’t do anything else’ era or am I living in a pipe dream?

Also, if an extra core does allow me to multi-task, could the activity on the other core somehow effect the quality of my burns? I’m using somewhat suspect quality media, that, so far, has been treating me well (at lower burning speeds), but I really can’t take any chances with it.

I also use a dual core with Vista and Nero 8. Actually when using Nero to transcode, burn, or rip it actually uses both cores to their full potential. So instead of encoding at like 6-7 fps like I used to on my laptop, I can get around 59-60 fps pretty consistently. I’m also browsing the internet and watching tv shows using vlc. I only get coasters when I’m really using all my resources like having PS, SLSK, Utorrent, Firefox, and Nero going at the same time. I do have 4gigs of ram though, so this helps a lot. No one should be using any less with Vista.

Note: Disable Vistas sidebar when using Nero, it tends to take up a crap load of memory.

Thanks for your reply.

Hmmmmm… I can fully understand encoding using both cores and increasing the FPS, but with burning, there’s no benefit to be gained. It’s not like 2 cores are going to make 16x media burn at 32x. 16x is 16x. It’s the same speed on a 4 year old PIII or a brand new quad core. If Nero really does utilize 100% of both cores to burn, that is just horrible coding.

Maybe there’s XP settings I can tweak to force Nero into only using a single core. In fact, I do enough burning that I wouldn’t mind completely dedicating a core to it 24/7. I just have to figure out how to do it.