Nero MPEG2 Plugin leaked! *updated*

I just posted the article Nero MPEG2 Plugin leaked! updated.

Who doesn’t know Nero?

Information about the MPEG2 Plugin

To record a Super VideoCD (SVCD), you need files in an SVCD compatible format. The MPEG2 Plugin will transform your video files…

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Your download-link is down, please fix it!!!

Must have been busy, worked for me.

I dl’d this file from Ahead’s ftp severel days ago. It should also work by putting the dll’s in Nero dir.

Does it work with Nero 5.0, or just 5.5?

Erhmmm, when i download the file from both of those locayions i only get an empty zip file…

Got it! Now to try it out! :wink: DudE: try it without a download manager! They sometimes don’t down the files correct!

Please do not post the file on another server when the Ahead link is down, they probably removed it because they didn’t want it to be pulic I guess :wink:

It’s a beta.

Do you have another download? Cant reach it! :c

can anybody give me the link to this.its not working…


Please give me update for nero mpeg 2 codes…im currentlly using nero 5.5.10