[nero] mpeg2 encoder?

i would like to be able to transfer my mpeg2’s into svcd’s to play on my home DVD player… is there anyone that has this patch for it?

If your MPG2’s are already in the correct format you dont need the plugin. Just shut off the wizard and select supervideo cd… If your MPG2’s aren’t in the correct format for svcd then use TMPEG instead of Nero to correct the format.


i think it would be easier to just use nero though i could then just drag them into the burn file :slight_smile:

I agree but the Nero encoder is not as good… Well I got poor results everytime I used it. Perhaps it has been improved

i’ll have to see if i can’t acquire the mpeg2 encoder somewhere :wink:

Nero MPEG2 Plugin v1.2 Final

Enjoy :wink:

thanks bro :slight_smile:


that file doesn’t work though bro but thank you for trying

i install the file it says it installs but i go to use it and it pops up a message saying if i want to be able to use it go to www.nero.com for information on how to get it

isn’t AHEAD working on a special program to make dvd, vcd and svcd??

you mean nero :wink:

no…I mean the company is working on a new programm…and the company is called Ahead.