Nero & MP4 problems? Cannot import/see mp4 files?



I am trying to make a slide show with holiday photographs to burn onto DVD. I am using nero express 3. I was trying to add music to the slideshow, but when I go to the folder where I know the files are it shows nothing, no files at all. I know the mp4 files are there I can play them when I go directly to my itunes folder. I select all supported files as the file type I can import which I am pretty sure includes MP4 files. Any help much appreciated as this is driving me crazy. :confused:

Cheers Doogz


Is there anyone out there that can help? I am starting to lose what little hair I have left.

If this has already been discussed somewhere, apologies, pointing me to the thread would be great.



Does NV3 show mp4 as a compatible file type? It should be one of the types listed in the drop down box. I know NV4 can use them, but not sure about NV3.

You are adding the audio files to the audio tab and not the video tab, right?


Hi Saltgrass,
Yes I am adding on the audio tab & not the photo tab.I will need to double check again that mp4 is supported in the list of files supported, pretty sure it is though.

Do you have any other ideas? Convert the mp4 to mp3?


Cheers Doogz