Nero Mp4 encoder... can it record these on the fly to mp3's on cdr's?

I would love to encode in Mp4’s to save lots of space. however in the car the cd player only reads mp3’s so when I choose to record these will it put these into mp3’s or am i then stuck with Mp4’s?

Nero 5.5.10 still includes a trial MP3 Pro enconder, with free decoding.

I rip my audio CDs to MP3 (for my MP3 player) using Exactaudiocopy with LAME MP3 encoder. I compared it with Nero and LAME usually gives me better quality encodings at 128kbps than Nero’s MP3 encoder. :wink:

If you download LAME, extract the ZIP file to C:\LAME for example and then install Exactaudiocopy. Exactaudiocopy will search for lame during installation in order to rip CD tracks into MP3. Both programs are freeware.

Exact Audio Copy (English, Freeware):

LAME MP3 encoder (English, Freeware):

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Nero 5.5.10 still includes a trial MP3 Pro enconder, with free decoding.
Use Alcohol for MP3.

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Use Alcohol for MP3.

Is that a joke, isn’t it? :bigsmile:

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Is that a joke, isn’t it? :bigsmile: [/B]
yeah. not quite the duck’s guts, yet, is it :wink:

Better yet, use CloneCD. :wink:

Just kidding Futureproof. :bigsmile:

I’m asking about mp4’s not mp3’s though? :confused:

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding what you guys are saying but it sounds like your talking about mp3’s from those programs.

Sorry for the misdirection. Neither Alcohol or CloneCD can produce MP4 files. We were just having a bit of fun. The only program that I personally know of that can produce MP4 via a plugin is Nero. That’s not to say there aren’t others. I just don’t know what they are.

ahhhh a plugin maybe thats why I couldn’t find it after I upgraded lol

back to that nero site

I upgraded to and the option was sitting there waiting for me “Extras/File Encoding”; check yours. It may be there on mine because I have a full version.

You’ll notice that I have the mp3PRO Plugin which is well worth the USD$15. As soon as I can find something to play an MP4, I’ll decide what’s better with my tinny ear.

does windows media player 8 play mp4’s?

Not sure but there is a MP4 plugin available for Winamp.

Worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Futureproof: What advantages does MP4 offer over MP3?

to my understanding they are 1/10 the size of a mp3.

mp4 from what i read now only needs to be the music sheet in a way. the processor and software are now powerful enough to do everything. only the sheet music is needed :slight_smile:

just tried wmp8 and it will not play them.

You can probably get an mp4 player at Rarewares.

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to my understanding they are 1/10 the size of a mp3.

And depending on encoding quality and BR, I can make a Talking Heads MP3 or MP4 4MB or 12MB :slight_smile:

Gonna have to play with the encoding plugin in Nero and see what all it can do I guess.

Futureproof: Have you tested it yet to see if it has improved audio quality over mp3?

yup just encoded several aguilera songs and were easily 7-10 megs at 256bit quality.

I don’t have anything that can play them either.

That winamp plugin didn’t work?