Nero Movie Making.. pixellation and resolution



I am a high school student attempting to make a video for health class (which is due tomorrow :confused: ) I have a compilation (.nvc nero proprietary format) with the wmv as the base video and various mp3’s spliced in in different places, as well as effects and transitions. It hardly looks professional, but thats not really an issue. When I try to export the video, and I’ve tried nero’s help file (absolutely NO help there), it comes out very poor quality and pixellated. I use a large 720-480 dvd standard, though I’m burning to my hard drive. I’ve tried doing my best with the settings, various compressions and framerates, but as I have little to no experience in this, I haven’t gotten anywhere. You guys have probably heard this a bunch of times, but I searched and could not find it (largely due to the size of this forum :clap: .)

I’m running out of time… ideas?

thanks in advance