Nero minor annoyances questions

I just recently went from using an older version of nero to that came with my cdrw drive and there are some little things that kinda bother me. How come I can’t do a simulation faster than 16x? The option becomes greyed out if I select anything over 16x. How come I can’t use SMART Burn in simulations? Is there any way to write slower than 8x? I still have 4x cdrw disks that I would like to use. The horizontal compilation graph at the bottom, how can I change it from going all the way to 1050mb? I’d rather it just go to 800mb.

i think a 4x disc will simulate as well as write at 4x.

As far as the graph goes, you must have enabled the over burning option in nero. disable it if you want normal readings.

you can change the 1050mb by going in NEro to;

-cancel the wizard

now you can change it

What cdrw drive do you have??

It’s a lite-on 32x12x40x
The horizontal scaling general preferences would not make it go shorter than 1050mb, but it would go a lot longer if I selected DVD, wheepie! Disabling overbuning put it back to normal but that just creates another minor annoyance, having to go to preferences everytime I want to overburn and change it back.