Nero micro 8 and vista


I recently installed Nero Micro 8 due to my Copy of Nero 6 been incompatible with Vista.

It has been running great and I have burned lots of mixed format DVD’s and CD-R’s with it, all of which have burned first time error free. Today I tried to burn around 30 folders of mp3 content to a SONY DVD+R, Nero burned to the disc but then crashed at 99%, displaying a vista program error, I tried it again thinking it was maybe the disc, and the same happened again, so I tried it on a lower speed setting, still the same. The discs then don’t eject unless I restart the computer, When I put the disc/s back in the drive (the burned ones) it comes up as blank disc even though I can see there is data burned to the underside.

Does anyone here have Nero Micro and if so have you experience any trouble with it? I’m really stumped as I’ve heard it’s not an official product either:(

Many Thanks:)

Yes not official, like Nero Lite too…
Try to download Nero 8 Trial, and see if it happens with it. If it’s not, then it’s a media problem!
You might want to try to put 25 folders then, and see if it comes thru. Probably some mp3 file makes a conflict…

Try to download Nero 8 Trial, and see if it happens with it.

Just a heads up: Nero’s history has been that when you install a later version (in this case, a trial version), it will wipe out any previously installed version of Nero. I wouldn’t trust a restore point to enable me to recover my removed program.

I have my 6.6 in and Nero Lite and Nero Trial all separate…
Those NERO Lite/Micro’s must be installed in different folders, same as 6.6, and all will work fine!
Well, you will have troubles when you will be uninstalling one product… but as i use them all at one time, they can live together.