Nero Menus!



Hi everyone,
Just wondering is there any way of moving the frames and buttons while creating a menu? Also can we import new buttons?I’m not too pleased about the buttons and frames that nero has given in the templates.It would be good if nero could design more templates like that with good looking buttons and frames.



A real menu editor would be great.

We cannot create sub-menu… Cannot build “Chapters” sub-menu…


If you go into your buttons folder:

C:\Program Files\Ahead\NeroVision\Buttons

Then you will see PNG files for your buttons. The buttons are simple to create. Create a border, and fill the thumbnail portion with green (#00FF00) and fill the tansparent part with red (#FF0000). Save as PNG file and put it in the buttons folder. Then the next time you load vision, it will see this new button.