Nero Medium Speed Error with Creative Labs RW6424E


I noticed that others have been experiencing a similar problem. I own a creative labs CD-RW 6424E drive, and i recently ran out of media. i bought 2 different spindles (one cheapo no-name, one spindle of optidisc 24x), and neither media type works - I get a medium speed error after about 20 seconds, and the cd-r is ejected.

I use Nero 5.5 for my burning, and I’m operating under Windows XP. I tried using some older discs from cursor (12x) and they work fine, so the burner still works. I’ve looked for firmware updates and software updates, but nothing is working. I can’t afford to keep buying media that doesn’t work. Anyone with any suggestions?



You may try to get media made by Taiyo Yuden or other well known manufacturers.

Older writers DO have problems with newer media types.

A new decent writer will only cost about $70 though(like the Lite-On 32X) :wink:

so i guess that a newer firmware version from creative (likely as that is) won’t “upgrade” the performance of the burner to accept new media?