Nero media player error

Hi! gud day to all! please help me! I don’t know what’s going on to my player because everytime i use it in playing video it error displays “plug-in error”. What is meant by this. if i will play audio a runtime error will appear in NEROMEDIAPLAYER.EXE PROGRAM with the message under “abnormal program termination”.

I tried to reinstall the application but still it did not solved the problem.

It happened after the technician transfer the files in an old hard disk to a new one with a utility.

Is this the reason? Please help me… :sad:

thanks in advance…

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why i get an error reading when i use my nero media player?

[QUOTE=soulman1;1954866]why i get an error reading when i use my nero media player?[/QUOTE]

Simply because the content is not readable or corrupted.

Read the Nero FAQ.