Nero Media Player error msg

I wanted to get MP3 files from an audio CD. Launched Nero Media Player. The following error message popped up:

Can’t convert CD-ROM letter to ASPI information. Digital reading is impossible.

I found a similar thread here and followed recommendations. First, downloaded forceASPI. Copied forceASPI and LAME to Nero Media Player foler. But I still get the same message.

I used Win2K with Service Pack 3.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Originally posted by computer
Copied forceASPI and LAME to Nero Media Player foler.

Please explain exactly how or if you installed ForceASPI and LAME to the Nero Media Player folder.

What are the names of the files that were copied to this folder?

I do not remember the exact steps. But generally, downloded the zip file, unzipped the file into UNZIPPED directory, ran ASPIINST. Downloaded LAME. Launched NERO Media Player again. Didn’t work. Copied ASPIINST and LAME into Nero Media Player. Didn’t work.

Since I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, I may have done something else.