Nero making DVD+R DL coasters

I’ve been trying to back up a few movies I made and edited. I prefer to keep them all on one disc so I can show them to people without having multiple cd’s.

Media Type: Verbatim DVD+R DL (2.4x)
Software: Nero 7 Premium
File format: AVI (6 of them totaling 7 GB)
dvd drive: Pioneer DVR-111D (click specifications on newegg ) updated to the newest firmware also
The discs say up to 6x with a compatible drive, so I tried burning 4x, but so far I’ve made 3 coasters. This is only a data dvd so I do not need something like ImgBurn.

Can anyone recommend a better software or should I try at 2.4x and cross my fingers? the error pops up when its verifying actually. How can I find the error log for this?

thanks in advance sirs/mams :bow:

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Maybe you can try ImgBurn :slight_smile:

Just because the verify doesn’t succeed the disc may still be ok. You should try at 2,4x and switch off the verify and then make a transfer rate test… or real life test. Or there is really something wrong :wink:

Btw you can make data cd’s with imgburn but Nero is fine for DL burns too :slight_smile:

How can I burn a data dvd with ImgBurn?

I’ll try to figure it out but the menus are not near as user friendly hehe

Build Mode!!!

Yes, the answer is Build Mode. :iagree:

Here’s a guide:

How to use ImgBurn in BUILD mode: A user guide

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Considering that single layer media is 25-33% the cost per GB of dual layer I would consider experimenting with it first and then moving on to verbatim dl but being sure to use verify with ImgBurn until you get the bugs out of the process.

I followed that guide and I was able to successfully burn 1 DVD+R DL disk with 8 GB of data, I tried another one for another 7GB worth of data and I recieved this error

I thought I was through the bad times, but it looks like 1 out of 6 so far is the exception. On another note, I was able to burn 2 mdf files in a row with no problems.

Its just so random. One thing is for sure though, I’m never buying DL again. :a

anyone know? :confused:

Did you use Verbatim DVD+R DL media?..That’s all I use for my DL burns…what speed you burning at?..

He is using Verbatim DVD+R DL media.

[B]Media Type: Verbatim DVD+R DL (2.4x)
Software: Nero 7 Premium
File format: AVI (6 of them totaling 7 GB)[/B]

You will find your error logs under the help tab in ImgBurn.

Post a log for us please.


How did I not see that? thanks platinumsword…
@OP, yeah try at 2.4x ,that’s what I burn at with Verbs,and post a log as suggested…AFAIK IMGBurn (did see that he used),is the only way to go for DL burns…IMO!..try your next burn in test mode,see what happens…