Nero making computer shut down?



I am having a HUGE problem burning dvds from AVI files now with Nero 7 (specifically NerVision). This problem developed this week and I have no idea why: a few minutes into burning the dvd, my computer will shut down with no warning. I’ve burned multiple dvds with the same media previously, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling to the most latest version of theNero 7 suite, but I still have the problem. Can anyone help?

I have a Sony DW-D22a and my firware is BYS2.



I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling my ide drivers and other drivers that may be affecting my computer (nforce2 and catalyst drivers). I still have experienced this problem.


An overheating PC is what it sounds like to me? The encoding process taxes the CPU, so that might be the culprit. Try taking off the side, cleaning out the dust, and then try burning a DVD with the side off to make sure there’s plenty of airflow. If you have a temp monitoring program, fire it up while you burn and keep an eye on the temps.


Also don’t understamate “Memory” problem, better check and test your system memory, you might have either disfunctional memory or the amount of memory you have is not enough.


I had this problem at one time and found that my OEM power supply could not handle all the extra equipment I had stuffed into my computer. I bought a new, higher rated power supply and everything is fine now.


Everyone, thanks!!

As it turns out, I should be more of a neat freak when it comes to the actual hardware in my computer. I opened up my case and found a thick crap load of collected dust on the cpu fan (amongst other places). I cleaned out all the dust and have burned successfully a few dvds. THANKS!