I have had Nero for close to a year now and through all the updates I am still unable to us the ISO level 2 32 character setting. I always use that setting but It will never show more than 15 characters I believe it is. Is this something I have set wrong in my OS/XPSP2 or what. I can type in up to 32 characters but it always gets cut back to 15.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can’t believe nobody has posted in reply to this? Whats up people anybody ever even try to make a long VOLUME LABEL before ??? ISO level two should allow for 32 carracters but it does not on my system. If anybody else has this problem and I know you do please speak up. Both my cousin and my brother have exact same problem.

Ignore this post, I supplied incorrect information :o :bow:

I’m sorry I stated that ISO level 2 was supposed to supply 32 characters for the Volume label. I see that it is 31 Characters. I only wish I could actually use that many.

Its got nothing to do with that ISO level 2, i belive, Nero’s got a restriction on the number of characters you can have in a Volume name, i.e. 15, file names can still be 31 long. Its not the only program that does this, I’m not sure of a program that does allow such a long name though :confused:

I know that other programs work correctly. Instant copy for example does the longer file names just fine but obviously nero is supposed to but apparently they don’t seam to care about fixing it. Because ever sense they came out with Nero 6 through all the updates until now it has not worked for me.

IF your saying the operating system is somehow limiting the file length then why would a dvd rom display it’s full title length and why would other programs bound by the same OS rules work just fime.

I’m not here to find out what other programs I can use I want Nero to address this problem and fix it. I contacted them via e-mail about this and I have heard nothing back form them and apparently nobody has a work around for this problem sense your the first person to post any kind of reply in two weeks.

Most people must not even care that the function doesn’t work right. I agree most of the time it’s not a huge deal but sometimes its really annoying to try to come up with some creative way to get the title point across in some sort of abreviation…

if this is not a problem for most of you and yours works fine I would also be curious to know that side of things as well.

It’s nothing to do with windows, its just Nero. I’m sure i remember seeing this before on this forum about Nero and long Volume names, as far as i can remember they wont change their program to accomodate this. This may be a compatabilty problem with some hardware. So if you want longer names, use another program, which kind of defeats the purpose of having nero.

well as of yet I don’t know of a better replacement for nero and the sum of it’s parts so I guess I’ll just have to give up the good fight and not be bothered :slight_smile: Thanks to you all for your feedback :slight_smile:


TCDEAN79, I asked the same question about a week ago and I didn’t get an answer. I agree with you that this is a Nero bug. Many of the DVDs that I have backed up have names that are longer than 16 characters. I find it hard to believe that all of these DVDs are not following the “standard”.

Both DVD decryptor and DVD Shrink support longer names. In fact, Nero is the only burning application that I have that does not support long disk names.

sonic recordnow!

Yeah it’s rediculous that they would even provide the ISO Level 2. If it is not going to work correctly. And I think someone tried to say that ISO Level 2 has nothing to do with the Label. IF that is true how come when I set it to ISO LEVEL 2 I can type up to 32 characters for my label but as soon as it goes back to the burning rom and shows the title it cuts it off again. and of course when you burn it’s short.

Annoying but still I would rather put up with the short Labels then to go back to using Instant copy. It could never recode things to the correct sizes I wanted and was worthless for disc to disc on the fly copies…

You wouldn’t think a flaw like a short title name would be that big a of a deal though but apparently it’s not worth there time.

I have a weirder problem, when I burn a DVD UDF/ISO compilation and set a volume label of 16 chars, it only burns the first 15 chars and chops off the last one. If I burn just an ISO compilation then it burns all 16 chars.

Any body got any ideas?

btw is only happens in nero 6.6.x.x

I want long names too. :slight_smile:

Hi there
I tried a lot of burning CD’s and DVD’s barograms in order to have the ability to burn a long file names and long TITLE NAMES, the best one is “Stomp RecordNow MAX v4.5” you can do whatever you want with it, but the bad news that it does not support all kinds of drivers, there is a new version but not form VERTAS the company which released RecordNow MAX, its from SONIC, it called “RecordNow! Deluxe v7.3” unfortunately it came with a limited options, but its good, because there is no another option.

Nero DVD labels are limited to 15/16 car.
Softwares as CopyToDVD or DVDDecrypter can cope easily 31/32 car.

Why ?

I emailed nero support(germany) last week.The guy informed me that nero 6 cannot have more than 16 characters in the volume name.

Now I am using discjuggler for dvd video backups as it can handle more 16 characters for the dvd volume name. :slight_smile:

Right. It takes like 30 seconds to change the volume name with DVD Decrypter (Tools->ISO->Change Volume Name), which is free software. All my problems should be this tough to solve.

I can’t believe:

  1. Nero doesn’t include an advanced option similar to the overburning, with the standard disclaimers “might lead to armageddon”

  2. Nobody has created a hack/crack/patch/addon. I love nero, but it’s a pain having an extra step of creating the image with nero then changing the label with dvd decrypter

Somebody please work on #2 !

I have the same anoying problem when burning DVDs in nero, anybody knows why nero limits the volume disc to 15 c? or if they are going to extend this to 32 ?