Nero locks at 2%

I’ve just bought a new rewritter it is a BTC BCE 4012M
i’m using nero
trouble is when trying to create a cda from a mp3 it usually locks at 2%.
it gives me the option to burn at 40x but will not work, above 16x
even on 16x It sometimes fails.
any ideas?:confused: :confused:
ive tried datasafe 48x
and traxdata 40x all with the same tale of woe.
hope someone may know what is going on

You are forcing your system to convert MP3 to wave at the same time it is trying to burn. You shouldl convert the MP3 to wave first, then burn, or use another program like Furio for the job. also make sure you have DMA enabled for the all drives.

Thanks for the info.
i’ll try coverting through cdex first