Nero locking up while burning DVD's

Hello everyone! I am hoping that someone here can shed some light on a problem I am having. When burning a DVD in Nero, about 1/2 of the time Nero will lock up after getting around 30% or 80% throught the burn process. After locking up, the only way to to get out of Nero and eject the disk is to reboot. Has anyone ever had this happen before. The problem in not constant but it happens way to often. Could this just be bad DVD disks? I recently bought some Optodisc 8x DVD’s and the problem seems to have started when I got these disks. I have some Tayou Yuden (SP?) disks on order. I am hoping that using better media will solve the problem

Here is my setup:
Windows XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon XP 1900+
512 MB DDR3200 RAM
BenQ 1620 Burner
Latest version of Nero

Any help is appreciated.


Can’t really help you out, I have a similar promlem while transcoding… you can see my post later on then yours, my setup is nearly like yours:
Win XP sp2 (Home)
AMD Athlon XP2000+
Pioneer BUrner
Latest Version of Nero

I have the same problem as you and it drives me nuts… It’s not a problem with the hardware because after formatting I can burn without a problem, but after a while it happens again.So it must be software related I guess. At first I thought it was my Logitech keyboard drivers but it proved it was not the case…I suspect now that it has to do with the IRQ8Priority tweak I applied yesterday(not very confident this is the case though). I have a TEAC CDW540E, Nero, WINXP SP2. Also I’'ve used different types of media with the same results…

My understanding is that XP SP2 broke Nero. This has been corrected in the most recent version of Nero and I presume in 6.6 which is floating around this forum. This may not explain the 1st two posts, but should help Insan3. Update Nero.

i had same problem when i upgraded to to pioneer 108, i deleted the secondary ide channel and re-booted it alted from dma mode 2 to 4 since then i have only had one coaster, give it a try

Yeah, this has happened too often with my NEC-2510 as well. Only happens on DVDRs (not CDRs), and is intermittent. It has nothing to do with SP2, as mine was doing it long before I installed SP2. The last version (prior to 6.6) was “supposed” to have corrected the issue, but it hasn’t.

As a result, I’ve switched to Deep Burner for most of my DVD burning.

— DeathStalker

i have this problem too, but i thou it is due to my via kt133 chipset
my problem is a bit different, it hang at lead-in, only hard reset can eject disc, and it also happen randomly
i try v6.0 and v6.6 and some other version between v.60-v6.6 to see if it is fix, it isn’t so i switch back to recordnow

My system is also a KT133 chipset, FWIW.