Nero linux serial key

I am new to this forum. I downloaded the nerolinux from the nero site. I also sucessfully installed the rpm on my amd64 machine running FC4.

When I run the nero from the command line it asks me to enter a serial key. Where do I find it at the nero site. It says nerolinux is for free. So why is it asking for a serial number.

Also I cannot find it nero on any of the drop down menus in gnome. Can someone shed some light on where to find the nero icon in the menus.

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Nero is NOT free. You can use the full functionable demo without entering a serial number. You can buy a nero linux licence in the nero onlineshop.
If you already have Nero for Windows you can also use that key for Nero Linux.

Thank you for your reply. I thought nerolinux was for free. Probably misread a free download on their website.

I do not have a nero serial key. Quit using windows long back. Been using K3b since long, just thought I will give nero a try.

Once again thanks for your reply.

So you can use the demo for 6 months i think. If you like it you can buy it after this period :slight_smile:

It would be nice to be able to trade in the Windoze Nero 6.o for the Linux version

If you have a complete Nero 6 for Windows you can use your serial number with NeroLINUX also.

I got Nero 6
I get it when bought dvd recorder
and IT got a serial number shown in Windows version

when I start to use linuxNero
I put this serial at start LinuxNero
but dosent work
no OK button active
that is mean this serial is not correct i think

any sugestions ??

I think that your Nero is a OEM version. And serials of OEM Versions do not walk with NeroLinux

Try this

Sorry Tinti but you just done broke the rulez-Crabbyappleton :cop:

Why is it so? I mean it is unfair, I paid for the recorder and received the OEM version of the software and cannot use it, because I have Linux installed :frowning: . Am I being punished for running Linux instead of Windows?? It should be the serial valid for any OS, why it is not? That really is doscrimination :sad:

geez that’s a bit harsh

Yeah I always thought it was kinda crappy that my OEM copy of Nero is basicly worthless outside of it’s target – and while I wouldn’t say it’s discrimination however you could say it’s a lesser form of false advertizement. People buying drives simply because it has been bundled with well known “good” software only to find that once that drive becomes outdated or the newer version has more features that you can’t utilize any kinda upgrade simply because it is OEM.

I can respect the fact that both drive manufacturers and software companies both take a bite of the cost pie to deliver there software to more people while making less money, however a respectable company would be better off labeling there OEM product with a name extension like NeroLite or NeroSE. That way when customers purchase there bundled software that is more properly labeled they can’t take advantage of special offers (like this one) for Nero unless it is labeled for both Nero and Nero SE. Peronally I find the discovery of dissappointment a turn-off from building a loyalty to a company.

Trouble is Nero is only guilty of following the common standard, as with most anything PC related if it ain’t retail you should expect limitations. :smiley:

I accept the limitations as to the version of the program. But they should be aware that there are more and more people using Linux worldwide. When I buy the recorder, and assuming I am entitled to a copy of OEM software bundled with it, I wish I could use it, irrespective of the OS I have. It is not that difficult to place two software version on a CD, or just make the serial number usable with the Linux, simultaneously maintaining all the restrictions :slight_smile:

how long will the serial key last?

I installed on Jan 25, and the demo was supposed to be good until Jan 31 - so it’s 6 DAYS not months.

where can i get serial key of nero linux

[quote=harshavardhan107;2116265]where can i get serial key of nero linux[/quote] You can buy it here.

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[QUOTE=mathf;1048603]If you have a complete Nero 6 for Windows you can use your serial number with NeroLINUX also.[/QUOTE]

What about a Nero 7 key for windows? I payed quite a bit for that version and hated it. I could never get it to quit crashing on me.