Nero Linux current /dev/scd0

I plugged into a usb port a Sony external dual layer CD/DVD reader/burner.
cdcreator and k3b both find it; it is in /proc/scsi/scsi . I did a soft link /dev/sg0 to /dev/scd0 because I have read that Nero Linux expects /dev/sg0 . No go.
Nero Linux cannot find the drive – only shows the default virtual recorder, no
physical recorder. What to do?

Hey! Loinking a scd device to a sg one is illegal! This is then totally normal that NeroLINUX is unable to use the device.
For external USB devices, NeroLINUX does not use the sr (or scd) driver, but the SCSI Generic driver (aka. sg). So I suggest you do the following:

  1. First remove your link (and maybe reboot if you are using udev)
  2. Check that the SCSI generic support is loaded in your kernel (maybe ‘modprobe sg’ as root can help :p)