Nero Linux BD burn fails



I decided to try Nero Linux for burning BD-R discs (Verbatim 25GB, 2x speed) since k3b was failing on some dvd+rw-tools problem. After Nero does a speed test successfully it stops the burning process with the following errors:

Medium format corrupted
Could not perform start of Disc-at-once

This contents were only 21.3 GB so it’s definitely not trying to overburn (which is disabled anyway). Does anyone have any ideas what causes these errors? Earlier today I had this same disc in but the error was:

Could not perform end of Disc-at-once

The disc is still considered writeable by both Nero and k3b so there was no data written to the disc.


Hello honolua,

I am a Nero employee and would like to help you.

Did you try using different media? It is possible that your drive is not compatible with the Verbatim discs you are trying to use.

If you need further assistance or would like to send us the log file for further analysis, feel free to contact technical support (

Best regards


I had done some looking and this drive is compatible with the exact Verbatim disc ID. After about and hour of reading through google results I decided to cross flash my drive with a patched GGW-H20L firmware. The GBW-H20L and GGW-H20L are identical hardware with different firmware support for HD-DVD (who cares?). Using the new firmware the drive burns this media perfectly, so far. Clearly this problem is a limited or bad original firmware (and I had the latest GBW-H20L firmware from LG).