Nero Linux and Sony DVD

Please excuse that I cross-posted this in the Newbie forum before finding this is the forum Nero linked me to.

Hello, I am new here so be gentle…

I was directed here by the Nero Linux site as I needed some support regarding that. I have the downloaded trial version and am trying to get it to work with Red Hat Enterprise 3/4 and a standard HP PC box. The drive I have is a Sony external USD DRX800LL.

I cannot seem to locate or am failing to understand whether this Nero Linux will make a complete ISO disk copy of my whole hard drive? If so, can it also be bootable? Lastly, please offer any clues, hints, links etc. of the above are possible.

Thanks in Advance.

Your device is not visible? Am I right? If yes type in as root: modprobe sg and the magic should occurs :wink:

For the complete ISO hard disk copy, there will be lots of problems:

  • first an ISO volume cannot contain files larger than 2GB
  • such a volume is case-unsensitive (that means that ‘NERO’ and ‘nero’ would refer to the same file
  • …and what about all the special files like symliks or other ?

I would rather suggest that you use a backup software (I used ‘partimage’ in the past) to make images of your partition. After that, you can burn them on a disc.