Nero Linux 3 is out!

Nero Linux 3 Delivers Blu-ray and HD DVD Data Burning Support to Linux OS
Fully redesigned burning application offers groundbreaking efficiency, flexibility, and ease-of-use

Karlsbad, Germany (May 24, 2007) – Nero, leaders in digital media technology, announced today that Nero Linux 3 is now available worldwide. The first Linux application to offer Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD data burning support, Nero Linux 3 has been redesigned to maximize ease of use, efficiency, and speed with next-generation disc formats.

“The launch of Nero Linux 3 signifies our ongoing commitment to the passionate and devoted community of Linux users,” said Udo Eberlein, Chief Operating Officer, Nero AG. “By combining innovative Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD data burning support with an ultra-intuitive user interface and a host of other advanced features, Nero Linux 3 is establishing a new dimension in burning technology for the Linux platform.”

The advanced features of Nero Linux 3 make it the most powerful and versatile burning application available for Linux. In addition to offering Blu-ray and HD DVD burning capabilities enabled through full UDF support, Nero Linux 3 natively supports 64-bit systems. For worldwide usability, Unicode supports Nero Linux 3 in 26 languages. Nero Linux 3 is fully compatible with numerous Linux distributions including the following and any later versions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, SuSE Linux 10.0, Fedora 4, Debian GNU/Linux 3.1, and Ubuntu 5.10.

To provide a maximized user experience, Nero Linux 3 incorporates the same overall design and usability features as Nero Burning ROM 7, a highly efficient and successful application. Featuring SmartDetect automatic drive support, Nero Linux 3 is quick and easy to set up.

In addition to offering a powerful suite of CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and HD DVD recording tools, Nero Linux 3 boasts integrated audio capabilities such as high speed digital audio extraction. FreeDB automatically obtains disc information over the Internet. An embedded Ogg, Flac, Wav, and MP3 audio encoder/decoder/transcoder further allows users to take full control of their music collections.

Nero Linux 3 can be purchased in the Nero Online Shop as a downloadable version.
For more information about Nero Linux 3, visit

About Nero

Nero is a leading provider of digital multimedia solutions for the personal computer, consumer electronics, and mobile industries. Focused on developing technologies for digital media creation and playback, Nero provides strategic partners with applications, codecs, tools, software development kits, and programming interfaces for use with a variety of the latest platforms and devices. Over 240 million units of Nero’s award-winning software solutions have been distributed globally and are widely used in the home, on the go and professionally.

Nero distributes products globally through hardware manufacturers, international partners, retailers, and directly through Nero AG is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany and serves the world with regional offices in Karlsbad, Germany (EMEA); Glendale, California, USA (Americas); and Yokohama, Japan (APAC).


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[B]Congrats![/B] -> entry updated. :slight_smile:


I can’t run the application. It asks for a serial and no trial serial is presented. Hitting cancel only exists the program.

I thought there was a one month trial?

A serial number shows for me but it’s only temporary (expires in July). My Nero 7 serial number doesn’t work with NeroLinux 3. A new NeroLinux key costs $25.00 according to the web site.

my serial entry is blank.

That’s another thing, the website contradicts the price depending on how you find the webpage showing the price. It’s reported as €19.99 or €24.99.

[B]For all of you who were using the beta, you should enter the serial number present in the /etc/nero/config file![/B]

thanks, that did the trick :smiley:

Any details about the upgrade policy?

Seems my previous Nerolinux serial won’t be sufficient to use it, and there seem to be no other option than buy a new serial at 25$US.

I find it a bit hard to swallow after buying my copy a month ago…

Just bought it :slight_smile: Thanks mathf, hope the problem with the dvd-isos is gone now :slight_smile:

This is their official answer:

Dear Mr.,

thank you for your e-mail.

I am sorry but we do not offer a special upgrade price for Nero Linux 3.

You can place your order directly on the secure Nero web shop.

I guess I just wasted 20$ to use the previous version for a month :frowning:
Don’t expect any more updates on the 2.xx, they removed the entire update section!

I’ll think again before buying from them again.

Doesnt seem to work for me.
i’ve installed the final release and it doesn’t detect any drives on my Gentoo linux box.

Running kernel, using libata (IDE driver disabled).

I have:

brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 jun 29 20:09 /dev/sr0

crw-rw---- 1 root root  21, 0 jun 29 20:09 /dev/sg0
crw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 21, 1 jun 29 20:09 /dev/sg1

I’m in the cdrom group, but no go.

I like, I mean I really like!!!
v2 was ugly but functional, never could get it to burn my FLAC audio, but then again never spent too much time dinking with it. But v3, very nice interface and everything “just works”! Of course with Gentoo it only took an “emerge nero” and it installed no problems.

I’m very impressed, and it’s nice to be back with Nero once again :wink: Ever since I blew Microsoft off my drive 3 years ago Nero was one of the applications I miss, nice to be back!!!

I had the same problem with my old SCSI burner, I took the lazy way and just

chown username:users /dev/sg1

when ever I needed to burn a cd or dvd.

I also had the same issue with Gnomebaker