Nero Linux 3 beta is now available for download

I am really happy to annouce that Nero Linux 3 beta is now available for public download at
Many new features are available with this new major release:

[li]Blu-ray and HD DVD data recording support
[/li][li]Brand new GUI similar to the look and feel of Nero Burning ROM 7
[/li][li]Translated in the 26 official Nero languages
[/li][li]Full Unicode support
[/li][li]…and (really) lots more options :slight_smile:

This version also include a brand-new Audio Plug-in Manager to avoid using external utilities to decode and encode audio files. This beta provides support for WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.

Directly available here: (RPM package) (DEB package)

Have fun using it! :flower:

Many thanks! I’ve been looking forward to Nero Linux 3, as I have never found a burning software program in Linux that I really liked and trusted.

Thanks, [B]mathf[/B]! Tried it on openSUSE 10.2 x64, using “Install Package with YaST” in Konqueror (I know, I’m not a real Linux freak). There was a long delay starting YaST Software Management, but it eventually installed alright (no surprise there I’m sure). :slight_smile:

Does this mean our Windows Nero v7.x serials will work with it?

great work,
i so happy to have a burn prog like that.

but there is bug.

it is not possible to burn a image.
if i select a image file nero doesn’t do anything.
i tested ist with *.img and *.cue files.

Are there any plans on adding LabelFlash and Lightscribe as in the windows Nero versions?

Just read something… A issue with the licensing of lightscribe that claims to stop Nero to release the support on linux…but why? They do not give away NeroLinux a a free open source software. Have Laice the lightscribe-support all by themself on linux?

yes. laice has labeler for linux. here are some infos
but why they don`t allow to distribute it with nero is strange for me.

ISO burns fine:

My nero doesn’t show any recorder, however does.
I am on a AMD64 machine running Gentoo.
Any idea how to solve this

Yes, .iso burns fine, but i can’t seem to burn .cue .img files, but when i try it with it works.


Nice, great, thank you very much! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I found now two things: can’t burn *.mpc (Musepack) files as Audio CD. Even copy into Neros plugin directory doesn’t help. On NeroLinux 2.x I choosed the right command line decoder program, so it works flawlessy.
Second thing: I can’t drag’n drop more than one files. Even if I choose more than one file, only one file (or directory) drops into my compilation view.

For cuesheets it should definitly work well. The only problem that you might figure is that the bin filename inside the .cue file is not correctly written.
Remeber that Linux is case-sensitive… so just check your cue file.

Ok… we also just discovered a slight bug inside our CueSheet engine :frowning: . This will of course be corrected for the final version. :iagree:

why is in nero 3 no option for vcd or scvd?
will it come with the final?

I am the Team lead of Automatix, a popular installation manager on Debian based linux operating systems, with a user base of an estimated 2 million. I was wondering if we could host the Nero3-beta debian package on our own apt repositories without making any modifications to the package itself. Is that legally covered?
Thanks and regards,

Anyone know if there going to add proper session resume to this one, like in Nero 7 on windows where it can be setup to update any changed files and remove any deleted ones.

This is great :slight_smile: Looking good.

same problem here–NO RECORDER FOUND in Nero 3 Beta linux.
only image recorder is available in the recorder list.
nero 2 is ok.

Debian/Testing, kernel 2.6.20, xorg 7.1

Which type of recorder do you have? Are you sure that you are not running NeroLINUX 2 and Nero Linux 3 at the same time?
Basically, if NeroLINUX 2 is OK, version 3 should also be…
-> You can have a look the the ‘System Configuration’ section in the manual…