Nero Linux Problem

Ok, I am not a Linux newby but here is my problem. I have a CentOS 5.2 (final) release server running Kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5. I used to have a Pioneer DVR-109 burner which decided to die (~5 years old) so I replaced it with a Pioneer DVR116DBK burner. These were/are attached to a secondary IDE controller as Master. With the 116 when I start Nero, Nero hangs on the scanning for devices sometimes for 5 or 10 minutes sometimes forever. If it should get past the scan for new devices I can click on Recorder -> Choose Recorder and the 116 shows up without issue. Now if I click on New to create a new compliation Nero hangs forever (it keeps taking up minimal cpu so its doing something and it is not really hung). Now here is where it gets Wierd. If I remove the 116 from the IDE bus and plug it into a USB - IDE adapter Nero works just fine and I have burnt a test DVD this way and it verified through Nero fine and even passed the double check I do with MD5Sum on all disks I burn. A dmesg | grep ide shows that the ide was using the ide-cdrom when it was connected to the internal ide interface. I have performed a yum update in the past 30 days so my system is current. I am at a loss and I have tons of data to dump to dvd from harddrive.

What about the firmware of the recorder?
Are you using the latest version?

Yes I forgot to mention firmware was updated to latest (109). Although I ran a few test burns last night and now believe I have gotten 2 bad 116 burners as neither one will fully burn a disc that is completely readable on another dvd reader although they can read the disc just fine. I will be RMA’ing them back to NewEgg today.

I would recommend to check the hints in the Nero Linux 3 manual in the “Advanced System requirements” chapter:
page 44 - 48

Unfortunately I have looked though all doc including the mentioned, googled high and low and have made numerous changes trying to get it to work but both of these drives keep burning partially readable media when hooked to a ide/usb bridge and are completely useless when plugged native ide. Sounds like 2 bad drives, last thing I needed as I held out for too long ordering these replacements.