Nero Linux is available for download!

The first update of Nero Linux 3 is available here.

Changelog for this version:

New features:

[li]The MP3 and Ogg Vorbis encoding plug-ins are now configurable. The user is now able to fully customize all the features offered by these ones.
[/li][li]Drag-and-drop is now possible in the ‘Encode Files’ dialog audio files list widget.
[/li][li]Italian, Japanese and Spanish manuals are now also present in the /usr/share/doc/nero folder.
[/li][li]The about box now contains some hidden features. Have fun finding them =)

Feature updates

[li]If no FreeDB match can be found in the ‘Save Tracks’ dialog, an error dialog is shown to inform the user about it.
[/li][li]The installation scripts has been updated to follow the packages standards and avoid incompatibilities with other distributions.
[/li][li]The source device in the ‘Save Tracks’ dialog is now locked when ripping some audio tracks.
[/li][li]If the user cancels a file encoding process, the current partially encoded file is deleted and its status is left to ‘Not done’ in the ‘Encode Files’ dialog.
[/li][li]The ALSA driver is now able to deal correctly with multichannel on all sound cards.
[/li][li]Before encoding an audio file, the source and target paths are compared. If they are the same, a warning dialog is displayed.
[/li][li]The user has now to confirm that he really want to abort when an audio file encoding process is in progress.
[/li][li]When looking for a default proxy, the ‘http_proxy’ environment variable is queried.
[/li][li]When previewing an audio track from the file browser, the selection is kept on the device item.


[li]The clipboard is now able to paste all its content and not only one item.
[/li][li]In the ‘Save Tracks’ dialog, the FreeDB progress dialog was not disappearing, forcing the user to kill the application. This has been fixed.
[/li][li]It is not possible anymore to rename a special item in the compilation editor, like - for example - the ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder of a DVD-Video compilation.
[/li][li]When querying the type of a device, we now look to the media types it can read in order to also include read-only devices.
[/li][li]The Korean EULA is now displayed. The filename of the EULA text file was containing a typo.
[/li][li]The ‘Go’ button of the ‘Encode Files’ dialog is now re-enabled when the output file format or its settings changes.
[/li][li]The ‘Year’ text entry of the ‘Save Tracks’ dialog is now cleared when the tracks list selection changes.
[/li][li]The ‘Prompt to save unsaved compilation when exiting’ option is now working as it should.
[/li][li]The keyboard accelerator for the ‘Add Files’ context menu item is now correctly set.
[/li][li]The ‘Date Chooser’ widget now works a little bit better.
[/li][li] Lots of corrections in the french translations.
[/li][li]Fixed /sys mounted check for some special distributions like Mandriva Linux.

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