Nero limiting burn speed on DVR-216D

Hi. I’m running a DVR-216D with 1.06 FW modified with MCSE. The current batch of media I’m using is Sony D21. I can see with MCSE that the max speed for this media is 18X. However, when i try to burn with Nero the highest burn speed that I can choose is only 16X. I am wondering why it wouldn’t allow me to use the max speed of 18X. Thanks in advance.

what about ImgBurn? and do you really want to write at maximum speed?

@ falberni,

It should be noted that Sony D21 Media is certified rated speed 16x speed Media. Whenever you attempt to overspeed the burning speed of Media faster than the certified rated speed of the Media you risk derogation the quality of the burning results.

As Forum Member troy512 asks in posting #2 do you really what to overspeed the burning speed of your Sony D21 Media?

Also it should be noted that your Nero version of Nero v6 is not the newest most current version of Nero v6. The newest most current up to date version of Nero v6 is Nero v6.6.1.15. Suggest visiting the Nero v6 UpDate Web Link ( and update your old outdated Nero v6.6.0.18 to the newer most current version of Nero v6 version