Nero Light

since nero is a full packed and imo far to huge all-in-one suite (after installation like 90MB?!), overloaded with features that i dont really need, messing with the system (i dont know HOW MANY things this monster writes into the registry), it still seems to be a reliable proggy.

i tried
copyToDVD - i dont like the handling and the burning engine was not well working with my ricoh,
burnatonce - didn´t get the dvdengine to work,
some free burning soft - ugly,lacking important features like .m3u support,
prassi ones - no .m3u neither and some system hangs.
all the soft that has less than 10MB and doesn´t change much on my system, since i´m kinda purist for me its the bigger the badder.
so now to the question:
is there a way to install ONLY neros burning engine with the gui and nothing else?

i´m currently using veritas RecordNowDX and its working fine with me, but if you click on a chosen directory you don´t enter the directory itself, there is only a possibility for renaming the dir, which is really annoying. and it also has no winamp-playlist support. and you are not able to overburn…

or is there a LITTLE and ESSENTIAL dvd-burning soft that comes with .m3u support,overburning and thats user-friendly with an all in one gui like the prassi engines?

thanks in advance

there is nothing?

Search for ‘free burning software’ in Google.

i assume you want that playlist support for making audio cds , burrrn supports playlists :bigsmile: if your making em from mp3s also use mp3gain both are free

really funny.

im using it already, thx, but one solution is better…

again, i´m looking for something puristic like burnatonce/prassi style…

finally there is something out.
but i just read somewhere about a nero lite, that comes in one folder, so no need to install it anymore.
someone knows a link?

What version of Nero are you talking about. In Nero 7, you can install only Nero Burning Rom and nothing else.

would be nice if you actually read my posts:

it was a usb version about 20MB big and NO install. just copy a folder to the usbstick and it works.
if you are able to install with nero 7 “only” the burning rom, why there is the lite version? which is unpacked still over 50MB…

I have never heard about Nero “Lite” unless you are talking about Nero “OEM” which often comes with DVD writer you buy and that doesn’t have Nero Burning ROM.

if you follow the link i posted, you will see nero lite. of course it is not something ahead did. there are different versions around.
here is a small installer application where you can just install the core-components of nero.

Now U are talking about unofficial and Nero unapproved version which some one has come up with the idea that there is a version of NeoLite.

forget it,what a lame forum,nobody understands anything,nobody answering, only some stupit criticisms…
sorry,i dont write here anymore