Nero, latest version of 6?

I have a new Benq model 162I external burner 16X+R, 16X-R, usb 2, 8.5 gb double layer; however burn in 4.75 R+ for my dvd’s. i use Maxell or Sony as that is what is supported by their tech’s.

The reason that I purchased the Benq was because of the book management software that is part of the package and it has a dvd rom format feature so that when I burn an R+, I have been able to watch dvd’s on my oldest to the most recent dvd player that I have without any glitches. I send copies off to my relatives as well and no problems for them to view the copies that I send. I should say that I use “One Click DVD Copy”, it is an excellent program.
And also along with that Dvd 43 Free.

I use the Nero latest version out that was given to burn cd’s and it does a fine job. I am new to doing all of this and decided to do a post when I found your forum.

Having just started to use Nero I wanted to know if this program has a playback feature on it as I have been unable to play any of my cd’s or dvd’s on my external burner and the techs said I should be able to.
Now I am wondering if it is the Nero or whether it is a problem with my external burner for playback. (The burner is still within the 30 day return period and thus that is why I decided to do this post just in case it is a problem with the burner.)

My Toshiba notebook burns the cd’s fine and plays them back and as well plays dvd’s via the Windows Media Player and Intervideo Win DVD.

Again I am a novice to all of this and thus I thought that I should post this question regarding Nero. Then I thought that why wouldn’t Windows Media Player and Intervideo Win DVD playback these dvd’s and cd’s when I put them in the external burner as the programs are on my computer and the external burner is connected to it by a usb 2.0 connection.

I hope there are members that may assist with my question.

Respectful regards, :slight_smile:

nero is not gonna paly your audio cds or movie dvds. windvd or media player should…make sure you have chosen the correct drive in those programs.

Yes , Nero will play back your CDs and DVDs

Thankyou for the replies.

First regarding the source drive for Windows Media Player and Intervideo Win Dvd, I am computer illerate to know how to go about changing the source to play the external “Benq 162I”,

As I indicated in my initial post I am a very new person to burning and that is why I was wondering if it is Nero that won’t play, or my Benq burner. Thus if it should via the above paragraph’s programs; then I need to understand how to change the “default” cd/rw drive of my Toshiba notebook to recognize the Benq external Driver as the playback unit that I want.

Then in respect of the second reply that I received, and that is in view of the fact that the last poster said I should be able to playback in Nero for cd and dvd and that is what I was told by Benq.

I hope to hear more and if the issue of my settings can be addressed it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and respectful regards,

I hope that there is not a DUPLICATE of this post as after I posted this there was a message that said I had posted an earlier one 15 seconds earlier??? :confused: :bow: :o

i own a toshiba satellite a63 notebook. attached via firewire is my pioneer 108 dvd burner. i have no windows media player installed [hate it], have heard that it may require a plugin to play dvds…

nero [the burning rom/express program] will not, afaik, play dvds…you need nero show time.

for dvd, free player,try dsplayer

for free audio cd player try orange

The full version of nero 6 includes nero showtime and can play media. If it is nero 5.? I don’t think it can. Most burners that ship with nero have nero 6.? these days and should include showtime (if that is where you got your copy of nero).

Thankyou for the replies, I have been able to watch the dvd’s now that I have burned ; via Intervideo dvd 4 and also my cd’s burned I can listen to via windows media player; I have been persisting here and have now solved the dilemma that I was in.
i simply open up the intervideo after the disc is in my external burner and watch the dvd and as far as listening to the cd, there is a drop down menu in the top right corner of the Windows Media Player window and I simply click on the external “drive f” and the cd plays.

As I indicated I am presently on trial for a few days with this program and also have Roxio and will be doing a post on that program here as well.

Just wanted to thank the members that replied. :wink: