Nero latest version and Roxio latest?

I am presently using the latest version of Nero on a trial basis and also am looking at Roxio and wanted to get experienced comments from users on both programs.

Basically what are the pros and cons of features of both programs. i have been told that Nero the latest version that I am using is the better program, however no one has said why.

As far as Roxio is concerned, I have been advised that it is more “user friendly”. Whatever that means to a person.

Do they both do identical functions, or are there differences that I should consider before purchasing one over the other.

I have an external burner 16X+, 16X-R, usb 2.0 and 8.5gb Double Layer; however I use 4.75 Maxell R+ Dvd’s when I burn using the One Click Copy Dvd program along with the Dvd 43 Free program and the copies are great.

I hope there are members out there that have experience with either program and will respond with their likes and dislikes of the programs and what the programs main attraction was for them to decide to purchase it.

Regards and thankyou in advance!

I always have used Nero. The latest version is i believe. I don’t do a lot fancy burning. I use Shrink and Decrypter for discs.

To the last poster, is there any particular reason that you chose Nero over Roxio?

Still trying to get a comparison of the 2 and what one program does better than the other.


only thing to do is try both. you decide

I tried both years ago and preferred the extra features available in Nero at that time. I’m sure Roxio has added many, but I’ve stuck with Nero. Nero also has a simpler “express” interface if you want a simpler easier-to-use interface, but I’m used to the more advanced version.

I use Nero for burning DVDs via Express but I use Roxio for burning music CDs (audio & MP3). And I prefer Roxio Drag-to-Disc over Nero’s INCD. It’s just a personal preference.

To the last poster what is the difference between drag n drop and INCD that you mentioned about Roxio and Nero.

With Roxio’s drag n drop is there a function like add which is in windows media player, I always hate drag n drop.

And again I guess I am asking something similar when I inquire about the Nero program for cd’s as I have not tried burning them yet. Focused on burning dvd’s right now.

Is the Roxio program that burns cd’s the Sonic Deluxe Edition that you are speaking about, as I have come across a few posts in miscellaneous places about the program.

I am using One Click Dvd copy and Dvd 43 Free to burn dvd’s and just trying out the burning on the Nero right now to see which i like better.

Ultimately I want a program that I can use to transfer my music from Records and cassettes to Cd’s…any comments about any of these 2 programs in respect of my future aspiration of a project!!!


Drag n Drop and InCD are both packet writing softwares. They allow you to drag files in windows explorer and drop them onto the drive where they will burn onto the disc without having to open a burning app. My first CD burner, an HP, came with Easy CD 4. Not too much later I upgraded to a faster TDK drive that came with Nero. I just liked Nero better. Nero Express is a much better product than Easy CD basic. Nero’s installer file is a lot smaller as well.

My first post on this forum - thank you all for the great information - I am also going to purchase Nero but my reason is the new compression format Mpeg4 that it can use - So do any of you have any comments on that aspect of the program

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nero digital mp4 video files will only play with nero showtime or media player classic [if you have nero installed]. very fast compression ! compared with say, dvd to avi using autogk

i have the Roxio 6 package and it works great. I use it to copy discs, make DVD’s and to backup data to discs. works for me.