I have a problem setting the language file.
As the documentations says it must be called before the first call to GetDrives.
This is exactly what i do - but i always get the error "“Nero has already been initialized! You can’t change this data once Nero is initialized!”

Any ideas? Here is the code producing the problem (VB6):

Public WithEvents Nero As Nero

Private Sub Form_Initialize()
Set Nero = New Nero
Nero.LanguageFile = “Nerodeu.txt”

End Sub

Since the language setting is passed to NeroInit as part of the NERO_SETTINGS struct (in the NeroAPI), I believe it must be set before calling NeroInit in VB as well.

yes, you are for sure absolutely right.

but i can’t do that in vb (NeroCOM).
i think in NeroCOM NeroInit is done when “Set Nero = New Nero” gets called.
so i can’t set the language before (because nero is not yet a valid variable) and afterwards its too late…

Just peeked into the documentation of Nero COM. What’s with Nero.RuntimeLanguageFile (r/w):

This property can be used to change the language file.

YES - this works.

you saved my day - thanks a lot :bow:

You’re welcome :wink: