Nero killed safe mode!

I have windows xp sp2 and nero 6 ultra edition with all the latest updates ( installed. I can boot into windows xp just fine, however; when I try to boot into safe mode windows stops at agp440.sys and just reboots.

I went ahead and reinstalled windows xp on another drive. Installed all my programs and had no problem with safe mode. Installed nero and its updates and no safe mode.

I installed windows on another drive for a second time. This time I just installed windows xp and the basic drivers needed to function. Safe mode is working. Installed nero and updates and no safe mode.

I’m also having this problem on my other competer with totally different parts.

I have officially discovered the problem to what killed my safe mode through trial and error. Now, how do I fix this problem so I can get into safe mode?
Anyone else experiencing this problem?


The problem is incd 4300, 4303 . I reformated my system and tested program by program and found incd was the problem. Iwent back to inc version and everything is okay. I spoke to nero tech support (paod credit card call) and they told this a known problen with these incd versions. They said that a updated fix will be in next update. I did not see your post so I put my own post about it. Note i am using nero burning rom and that part of software is okay it just the incd problem.

Nero should have put up a notice about this. I spent hours trying to find this.

Thanks for the help. :bow: My next step was to just uninstall nero and find another progarm but now I’ll just wait for the update. Hopefully, the update will fix the problem so that I don’t have to reload my operating system.
Thanks agian for the help.