Nero keeps crashing

Im using nero vision express 2 to create a dvd. My aim is to burn some avi files on to the dvd and then be viewed using a standalone home player. i know the files need 2 b converted, but i assume nero does this. Anyway when i try 2 add a video file nero keeps crashing.Any ideas?

Not all home DVD players can play all types of video files.

I don’t think nero will convert the format ( not sure , don’t use it ) you need to convert the files first. And,btw ashmo, I believe Newbie_Pirate is aware of this since he already made mention of converting the files so . . . what’s your point?

Try Cucusoft full version to convert the files first then make your dvd from there. Havn’t played much with this yet but I’m looking forward to making some dvd’s from avi’s soon.

Let us no how it works out for you.

this will help

Interesting place but what has that got to do with anything?

any ideas where i can get Cucusoft full version

That’s a loaded question now isn’t it. Trial version can be downloaded here . . .
But it is limited in what it can do (I think it leaves a watermark on the conversion)
until you pay for the full program.