Nero just got a whole lot better

I just got Nero 7 Premium and all I can say is, wow. It has so many more options then Nero 6. The Smart-Start Wizard look really good now. I’m in cd burning heaven now. :slight_smile:

Yes. More options but also more show-stopping bugs. Nero 6 never crashed. Nero 7 does. Oops!

I upgraded from Nero 6.3.something to Nero 7 (latest bugfi…I mean update) not long ago, and after replacing the mp3pro.dll file, all seems to be well.

“Seems” being the keyword here - from what people have experienced, I’m expecting some bugs to show themselves!

Needless to say, I didn’t know how the heck to vote on this one! Is stable on my system. Asus Intel based P4.

Excellent! Sadly, you’re alone. Read the Nero forums. Ouch!

Gurm is right, I have Nero just updated today and it is flawless, I love it, I would have to be darn sure that I was upgrading to something that wasn’t going to give me headaches before I updated from something that isn’t broken.

amen. nero has been becoming bloated ever since they continued from :frowning:

if you have nero 6, please keep it. it combines the best of ease of use while still being nero.

No the people it works for aren’t in the Nero forums. Ouch!

Yeah, Nero 7 is seriously bloated. During install, I chose not to install 99% of the crap. Maybe that’s why I’m having luck with it (so far ;)).

Yup…Version 7 is so good that they are still updating Version 6…LOL :smiley: released today!

Current version:
Release date:
January 31st, 2006
34,13 MB (34590128)


I have been using Nero 7 without any problems whatsoever. but then I only install Nero burning rom not all the other bugware like nero rejectcode…err I mean recode.

I havent had any problems till just now (just a few minutes ago). It gave my a not enough space on the disk error when it was plenty undersized (in recode).

all i ever used nero for (up to v6.6xxx) was copying files onto cd’s.
well, nero is much too big just for that purpose, so i switched to vso CopyToDVD - which is much more simple. explorer -> right-click -> CopyToDVD. :wink:

well, if you NEED more features, use nero, but as this is a poll i can tell you my opinion:
(now) i hate nero.!

Nero 6 is pretty good if you want something that can handle quite a few tasks. It’s no shock to me that nero 7 is a little buggy as it is a completlly new version (nero 6 was buggy as hell when it was new).

it worked the second time but it selected 8x for an mcc004 (not the second time I used the new version of recode, the second atempt with this disk).

I use Nero 7 premium and have no problems whatsoever. Compared with versions 6, CD and DVD burning is much faster and secure probably due to its Ultrabuffer feature. I use LightScribe discs now and then and I had big problems to get them burned with Nero 6 reload and sometimes I could not burn them. Nothing of this is happening with Nero 7.
I did not upgrade from 6 to 7. I competely took off version 6 (including any registry notation) and installed Nero 7 from a CD bought in a store.

If you have been around for awhile. You would know previous versions are updated along with current versions, untill the next version is released.