Nero & its naff, anything out there better?

Iv been using Nero 7 now for a few months and bored with it, I find the editing of the menu’s outdated, limited text and general lacking in edit functions. Is there anything else out there that beats nero 7?

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Sure-try Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 and related products. The trial is free (there are nags to buy it <G>). In fact, the programs are very compact and work with virtually every drive out there. If you follow how they do their pricing, you will find they discount.
What I like is the simplicity and low overhead.

Cheers buddy, will have a look, although it looks as though the menu’s come pre installed, id like to do my own but i’l have a go of the free version to check it out, thanks again. Dean

Ashampoo is pants mate, its pre-installed with its child like menu’s, iv uninstalled it, thanks for the info though, good to see people read these threads, if there is anything else out there that is alone the lines of nero7 with video background and add music to the menu and able to add more text to the screen, let me know.

Just noticed Nero 8 is out, will give that a go.


do you need a CD/DVD burning application or something more like video editing and creating?
If the latter applies, then you might read through our video software related forums.:wink:


lol iv just downloaded nero 8 and im at the stage of learning it, ugh think i’l go back to nero 7 and BE DONE WITH IT lol.

Use DVDLabPro

It better do the job it cost 245.00USD. LOL.:iagree: