Nero Issues

first off i have 2 dvd burners in two machines They both run the exact same burning software dvdfabdyctrptor dvd shrink3.2 and nero with NeroVision Express v3.1.0.16 add to that i am running windows XP Pro with service pack 2 and all the updates The dvd burners are one pioneer 4X older model and a brand new lg 4167b product version b with firmware dl13
Up until recentlly i had no issues burning backup dvds on either drive then the other day windows cam up and said you have updates so i updated then the issues started in there somewhere all of a sudden my Lg dvd burner 4167b product version a would rip and burn the dvd without an issue But when it was taken to a standalone player it came up unkown disk
People can say it was bad dvds or what ever but i know this to not be true i have expensive dvds and cheap ones and middle of the road ones none of this mattered same problem with ever dvd i tried Now when i moved the rip over to the other dvd player and burned it with the pioneer it came out perfect this machine also had the new updates installed as well
So after talking to lg and having them tell me it was bad firmware and getting me to take it back and get a new one This is where the 4167b product version b comes in ibrought it home and same thing burns fine but dvd players say unkown disk now you could say it was the dvd players its self but not true i have 4 of them a 400.00 pioneer a 130 .00 samsung a 100.00 MPIO home theatre and a cheap ass 30.00 daytec Now with that type of difference in machines i never have had an issue with any dvd if not play in one it would play in another but these disks that came up unknown did the same in all dvd players This made me think maybe it had something to do with the software so off to experiment again i removed all the software like power dvd power producer gold nero express in cd then nero with NeroVision Express v3.1.0.16 rebooted and reinstalled starting with the LG dvd software disk putting back in power dvd power producer gold in cd and nero express Then i reinstalled nero with NeroVision Express v3.1.0.16 and made a few test burns and low and behold all is well again
now what id like to know is why this happened how it happened and if it could happen again
To save any hassels if it does i got me a copy of Sony Media (Vegas 6, Sound Forge 8, DVD Architect 3, CD Architect 5, Acid Pro 5+Music Studio 5) witch i told will fix that nero issue once and for all

Anyone have an idea of why this happened ???
and what it was


okies everybody i have found the solution finally
after three weeks and a few lg dvd burners and many screwed up disks
i went and exchanged my lg burner for a sony burner took it home plugged it in installed software and burnde a dvd and hey guess what im back in business everything back to working in any dvd player i put the burned disk in
oh and LG readilly ADmitted to there being major problems with the lg burner and the firmware