Nero Issue? Weird Problem

Hey guys, I made a backup of one of mt TV series that I own. I ripped with DVDFab Decrypter and brunt with Nero. Out of the 6 episodes on the Disc, 1 of them doesnt have sound. Using a Sony DRU 8110a DL burner and memorex 2.4x DL discs. Is this a nero issue? should i burn with another prog, or should i rip with another prog? Thanks

this sounds like to me that you have inadvertantly striped the audio stream.
This dvd you own is it a dvd9 if so then you probably are better off using dvd shrink strip the right audio channels and then output to an image you can burn with nero.
If its a dvd5 they all you have to do is make an image of the original with say dvd decypter and then burn the image.