NERO_ISO_ITEM and unicodeFileName documentation

Good morning,

I’m using NERO SDK 1.06 with NERO installed on my machiine. I’ve had some problems with NEROAPI.DLL crashing and have tracked it to my NERO_ISO_ITEM object. If I set the unicodeFileName member to NULL everything is fine. However, in the lastest release of the API documentation (PDF file) there is no mention of this member variable at all. I dsicovered it in the NEROAPI.H file comments. Is there any more info on this anywhere?



Seems we forgot to update the documentation regarding this new parameter. Will be included in the NeroAPI documentation of the next NeroSDK release. Till then the header file comment has to suffice.
Nevertheless to avoid such problems you can zeroise the structure using ‘memset’ method. If unicodeFileName is not NULL and also not correctly initialized NeroAPI assumes valid unicode name and try to access the member, what leads to the crash.