Nero + ISO = Bootable CD how?

I have a ISO that I’ve modified and slipstream’d with XP SP1a, and I want to burn this down to a CD that’s bootable. All of the El Torito files are there (comes that way from MS) yet the CD will not boot. I get the standard “Press any key to boot from CD…” message on a few boxes, but they all either lock up or refuse to boot off the CD. Here’s the process I followed :

  1. Download XP ISO from MSDN.
  2. Use WinISO to extract the i386 directory and slipstream it.
  3. Put in the SIF file for unattended install.
  4. Place the i386 directory back in the ISO with WinISO.
  5. Go to Nero; File -> Burn Image; Pick the new ISO.
  6. File burns down in a few minutes.
  7. Try to boot from that CD – no dice.

If it matters, I’m burning at 40x with 48x media.

Is there a step I’m missing to tag the CD as bootable? Maybe I need to add some files to the image. I didn’t think that would be necessary since MS includes the El Torito files automatically.

Thanks all!

you need to use iso buster to get the bootable image from the original cd. The image is called Microsoftcorperation.img put this img into the iso and follow the instructions in nero to make a bootable cd. Use the search button at the top of this page, also this has been answered before. Or you could check out this link :wink:

Thanks for the info. I tried using the “Microsoft Corporation.img” file as well as a boot.bin. Neither one seems to work. I’ve tried different burning speeds + different brands of media. All lead to the same result : I get the “Press any key to boot from CD…”, but attempting to boot from a CD locks up the machine at that point.

One interesting tidbit : VMWare will boot from the ISO image, but burning down to a CD makes a coaster. At this point I’m not sure what else to try. Any other suggestions?


ok make 2 folders copy the entire contents of the original xp cd(what you can see in explorer) to one of these folders. Then extract or put the service pack into the other folder. Then slipstream the copy of the cd you put into folder1 by following the instructions in the link above.

Now use iso buster to extract the Microsoft Corperation.img from the original cd and put it in the same folder as the slipstreamed xp folder. Now use this link to see how to burn using nero and the copy should work nothing else needs to be added but the Microsoft Corperation.img to the slipstreamed xp folder.

The Microsoft Corperation.img is all thats needed if you go putting other boot loaders in there of course it will stuff up :slight_smile: