Nero is uncompatible

Nero is uncompatible with my new burning drive…despite being bundled with it(!) I am at my wit’s end, anyone recommend any other product to give me a hand?

which version of nero have you got? and have you tried updating it i use nero 5 (bundled)and when i update that to the latest it works fine with my nec 3500.

CDBurnerXP and DeepBurner are both free. There are good for most basic tasks, but are not as comprehensive as Nero.

Yo pa tater-

You are using very broad statements - suggest that if you really want help that you try and be more specific and tell us which Nero you got - which version you are currently using on what drive in your _____ system-


Okay, well the details are as follows:

Nero 6, w/ Nero Vision Express 3

Problems have included thus far: Movies being cut off prematurely, the drive not being able to read its memory. Occasionally, the computer hangs when attempting to transcode .avi files from hard drive. Works like a charm when making MP3, and audio discs, but has NEVER worked for anything related to DVD burning.

Hey pa_tater…

Now that’s info. that can be dealt with. Your version is quite old. I suggest up-dating to the newest version of This is the latest edition with Nero Vision Express 6. There were at least 2 updates in January. I finally got a clean connection to the Nero site and got it all. It’s now working great. Good Luck and I hope this helps ya. BTW welcome to the forum.:slight_smile: