NERO is taking twice as long to make a CD as it should...PLEASE HELP!

I am using a Lite-On 32X burner and all of a sudden Nero started taking about 7 minutes or more to complete the backup of a Divx movie…it usually takes about 3.5 minutes.

Sometimes it takes 1 full minute for Nero to just right the lead-in…and when it finally does start burning the track it starts to empty the Read Buffer all the way to zero and then it slowly rills it back up…all the while the burning process slows to a crawl.

This started all of a sudden and I can not pin it to a new software or hardware install. I simply uninstalled Nero and then installed an earlier version of the software…it corrected the problem for about 5 CDs and now it is back to taking forever.

I went ahead and installed the latest ASPI layer from Adaptec for XP and yes…I did it the correct way and there was no affect.

I have just installed the latest via 4in1 drivers and the latest Promise drivers for my ATA100 card. Using HD Tach my drive performance increased but no affect in Nero.

I tried to uninstall/reinstall Nero again but to no avail…it doesn’t help anymore. I have no other burning software installed at the moment but the ones I usually use (Feurio, EAC, and CloneCD) have never caused me any problems.

I just tried using my Lite-On 24X burner and the results are the sam so that eliminates drive malfunction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…