Nero is looking for a few good men (and women)

Here’s the deal: Nero Software, worldwide leader in audio, video and data technology, is building a grass-roots program to improve our product and involve ourselves even more in our user community. We call this program our Most Valuable Professional Program, and it begins and ends with users like you.

So who are “you”?

You’re a power user of Nero’s products (and, perhaps, others like them), you know exactly how to get what you want out of the technology you use, and you’re not afraid to speak your mind when you like or dislike something about a product. Those qualities make you valuable – most valuable – and we want to reward you by making you one of a select few chosen to join the MVP Program.

It works like this:

  1. You get early access to all Nero software releases, updates, patches, tweaks, you-name-it, for free. You’ll never have to pay for Nero software as long as you’re in the program.`

  2. You’ll get your own blog and dedicated MVP page on My, a community portal dedicated to the discussion of Nero products and audio, visual and data technology. People can come to your blog to see what you’re up to, what you think of current products and trends in the tech industry, and where you can speak your mind.

  3. You’ll get an official Certificate of Recognition from Nero, signed by Kristopher Barton, Nero’s General Manager, Online that shows you to be a Nero MVP and valuable contributor to the improvement of Nero products and services. A great resume builder, and it looks snazzy on the wall in your office!

All you have to do in return, is tell us what you think. That’s it. Being an MVP is not a job, a work contract, or anything that requires you to clock in and out. All we want is your honest, un-adulterated opinion about our stuff. We also ask that, during your time as an MVP, you actively contribute your thoughts by being a vibrant member of our blogosphere.

That’s it. Free Nero software, your own official Nero blog, insider access to Nero products, and a chance to shape their ultimate design. And all you have to do is give your opinion. If you want a bit more info, check out this post at our My Nero community site.

Interested? Please contact us at Include a brief description of who you are, links to any relevant posts or publications, and a contact phone number with good times to call.

Is it April the 1st. again?

Stickied so a few more good people can read it.

Thanks. I emailed mvp yesterday. I was hoping it was real :clap: Maybe i’ll get lucky :doh: :bigsmile:

Looks like a good idea to get some feedback from the people that actually use the program.

The only thing wrong that I can see is after reading a few of the blogs on the site I have my worries on the quality of the MVP’s so far. Unless of course that is just the blog area and the MVP section is to come. I can but hope.

Thank you for the info Womble.

I paid $99 to find out I can’t stick a jpeg in a movie with your ULTRA 7 thing, and now you tell me I could have found that out for free?? Vibrant?? I’m vibrating alright. Blogosphere this…

Dear Pal,
I am seeing an error message ‘advrcnt2.dll’ not available in the system. Can anyone help ?

Is there any way to contacting the existent NeroMVPs ?? I mean I tries the but cant see any contact inforamtion (Email) of present NeroMVPs :frowning: