Nero is looking CD / RW in drive instead of DVD / RW in DVD drive

I have new NEC 2500a from Newegg like so many folks.
I built it in a new machine with a CD / RW also.

I installed Nero 6 demo from

I flashed to latest 1.07 NEC 2500a

Pinnacle 9 Actually works great and burns DVDs.

When I try to use nero.

I can erase a DVD / RW.

But when I try to write to it it fails, because the drive expects a CD / RW and shows DVD /RW. Even though it is a DVD / RW. :confused:

I have searched for options that would turn on DVD to no evail. The drive specified is defintely the DVD RW.

Sounds weird to me the ONLY DVD option in Nero is on the “New Compilation” screen top left, it’s a drop down that lets you select CD or DVD. At this stage I should add that I assume the Demo version does allow DVD Writing…? I’ve never demoed it always having had a full version. I’m referring to Nero Burning ROM not the Express Version. Also I presume this is the only Writer in your PC and you don’t have a CD ReWriter in there as well. If you have a second writer you need to select the Choose Recorder option and pick up the NEC drive. Trust me the NEC should work fine and dandy with Nero, I have one myself with Herries 107v2B5 Dual Layer firmware loaded…

The demo I don’t think supports this action. It would be pointless to buy the full version if it did.

No it wouldn’t be pointless to buy the full version if the demo supported DVD recording since the Demo like most Demos is time limited I believe. However if you can uninstall a demo version and install the next one and have it working for nothing again, then I accept the arguement Casey252001…

I’ve noticed that if you don’t have a DVD-Writer, then Nero won’t let you do certain things such as create DVDs. I’m also wondering if you have both a DVD-Writer and a non-DVD Writer, then is it possible it could be getting confused?
Personally, i think its ridiculous that they would limit the functionality simply because of the drive. I have a DVD Combo drive and a DVD Writer in different machines.
On the one with the Combo, the DVD creation options are unavailable. I can’t even create it on the hard drive.

Nero demo is supposed to be a full version 30 day license.
I have deleted Nero.
Scrubbed the registry.
Removed my reader and still no luck.

Finally. I installed a fullblown license copy of NERO Ultra. No luck at all.

Then by chance, I used SMARTSTART.

When I select Nero Express, at the top it gave me 5 choices of burner two for my NEC- [DVD] and [CD], two recorder, and my OEM CD-RW.

Selecting NEC-[DVD] appears to have chnaged my settings everywhere in Nero.

Nero Burning Rom only gives 3 choices of Burner recorder, My NEC DVD in CD/RW mode (although it says DVD), and my OEM CD-RW. Very strange.

So the bottom line was the DVD had to be selected from Nero Express prior to using it in Nero Burning ROM. I wasted 10 hours on this.

What a poor way to set configuration settings.

Hmmm… thank you for that. Might just be something to check out for the combo drive!