Nero is gonna find out why it is called windows :(



hi there
got a bit of a prob, just updated my nero to the latest version and i was in the middle of backing up my dvd+ps2 collection anyways after updating i go to do one and it says must have burnrights etc etc so i go d/l burnrights, install(ys i am logged in as admin, only me uses this comp) run it and set access to all option, relogon and go to copy and it still says that i need to have rights set, after a few hours of tweaking a fiddling i still cannot get it to work, can anyone help?

windows 2000
pioneer dvr-107d
using mr.dvd dvd-r

if it carry’s going it is going to find out why the o/s is called windows :a


Windows 2000 and Windows XP do not grant access to low level drivers for users without administrative rights it’s not possible for them to burn CDs with Nero. After installing the Nero Burn Rights you must reboot the p.c. for the settings to take affect.