Nero Is Freezing UP!

Hey guys,

I am currently using Nero and for some reason - I can’t even get Nero to start up. When I click on Nero: it brings up to the StartMart. When I click on anything on StartMart, my mouse turns into an hour glass and nothing happens. So when I try to x’ out of the program, it FREEZES and no matter what : I have to restart my computer.

I even try to go to START > NERO > and go to EXPRESS. Now express pops up but whatever I click on, it won’t load and then it freezes up again so I have to end up restarting again… I tried to reinstall Nero but I still get the same problems… Any suggestions ??

Hi slig,

I am having a similar problem, but it only seems to have happened since I updated the firmware in my dvd writer.

Have you done anything along those lines or has it always been an issue?

I have really no idea - it just started acting up. How did you fix yours UncleBuck?

One hidden and very nasty bug of nero 6608 is that if you have got the “Do not eject the disc after the burn is complete” option in ‘expert feature’ of the preference menu enabled, nero would freeze on some writers in some situations. This might partly due to windows itself, but better try and disable this item.

BTW, it is disabled as default install. :slight_smile: