Nero & Irrev. read errors- use raw?



Hi all-

I generally don’t have any problems copying my games but today…

Trying to back up Riven & Myst3 w/my newer burner before letting my son use them ;^)

I keep getting read errors & the burn just stops. These CD’s are new & clean. I went to my old trusty Plextor 8x4x32x to do the final of Riven & though it too saw the errors- it completed. I did a file by file hash of the original to the copy to verify it’s contents.

Back to my newer drive- I see the options to record “raw” & wondered the optimum settings to get a CD to burn if it’s being stubborn?

All tips apprciated,



Hi Mom, :wink:

RAW writing is commonly used for copying game discs which purposely contain errors in order to defeat normal copying. Nero is not the best software for RAW writing, but you could try it if you are having problems with errors on game discs.

See What is RAW? for a good definition of RAW writing.

If RAW writing is required for your game discs, software like Alcohol 120% is useful for that purpose. Alcohol will also let you load your game discs to virtual drives and play them from the hard drive instead of changing discs. There is a separate forum for Alcohol Software should you have any problems.

This is a list of common Game Copy Protections. You can also find links at that site for utilities to identify which protection (if any) is used on your game discs.


Hi & ty for the feedback-

It finally occurred to me (Doh!) :o that there might be copy protection on the disks…geez, I’m so dense sometimes!

It was safedisk2 & I ended up getting it to go through via CloneCD & my trusty Plextor @ 4X.

I’m going to look at Alcohol as you’re the fifth or so person to talk about it to me.

Thanks for the links- I’ll read up- somemore (it’s all I do on the PC anymore, it seems!)



You’re welcome, Mom :wink:


I’m glad Mom is back on track and Inertia gave top-class advice as usual, but I couldnn’t help thinks that…

>I keep getting read errors & the burn just stops…

…meant copying on the fly. Nero, with an appropriate writer, will write a SafeDisc image using dao96, but it does not cope well at all on the read.

Very few h/w combinations can do SD on the fly but they usually involve and ASUS, Plex or Litey :smiley: