Nero "Invalid parameter in field"

Has anyone else had problems with data verification in Nero?

Nero ( burns the CD OK but fails to verify the data (well 99 times out of 100), coming up with the error message “Invalid parameter in field”. I have a LiteOn LTR-12101B writer with the lastest firmware/ASPI drivers/Via drivers.

Data verification was not a problem in the older versions of Nero (, but by the data verification became unreliable. Oddly the Nero wants to eject the CD, before data verification (the one time out of 100 that it actually wants to work).

Anyway anyone had similar problems?

Cheers All

Sorry I can’t comment directly on your question because I don’t use Nero’s verification function. However, I will offer some alternatives for checking disc quality:

  1. Use Nero CDSpeed scan disc or CD quality test to check for C2 errors on the disc if your drive reports C2 errors:

  2. Use KProbe to check for C1 and C2 errors if you own a LiteOn drive:

  3. Use CDCheck to verify the files:


On my LTR-48125W, Nero has always opened and closed the tray before data verification, for all recent versions up to Apparently this is done to clear the burner’s buffer.

Do you have “Do not eject the disc after the burn is complete” unchecked in File | Preferences | Expert Features?