Nero installation problem


I have installed Nero 6 english version. All worked fine, but I saw on the Nero site a french package, so I installed it…
Since then, when I launch Nero, it tells me that I have a wrong language version and refuses to launch!
So I uninstalled it, cleaned the registry, deleted the Nero folder, reinstalled it…but each time I get the same error message: “wrong version,etc…”
How the hell could I REALLY uninstall this? Where is the language information ?
Help would be very appreciated, thanks!

After unistalling have you tried this yet? Check the right hand side for links to specific clean tools.

Also, make sure you have the correct language pack. There is a language pack for each version release, be sure to select the right one.

Thanks mates! :slight_smile:

It works, thank you very much!