Nero install

when i try to install nero burning off a cd, i get the error message
error 1305. error reading file. verify that the file exists and
that u can access it.
any ideas of what it means and how to fix it
thanks in advance

The disc may be damaged. Or the file was damaged when it was burned.

»» Solution «« (download again and reïnstall) :smiley:

thanks for the reply wookie
Ive tried your suggestion but to no avail, plus others,
heer’s a breakdown of the things ive tried.
another nero557.8 install disc.
a nero 4.0 insallation disc.
the latest version of nero via a download and with this i
recieved a different error message {error copying file c:\windows\TEMP\3DE44E7F.temp
ero\cdrom.cfg, maybe the harddisk is full or you dont hve writing permission.

My system: amd athlon 1.8ghz
256ddr memory
17gig hd
creative audigy sound card
liteon 48 12 48 cdwr
Ive also succsesfully downloaded and insalled clonecd and blindwrite on test just to see if my cdwr works and sent an email to but they hav’nt replied yet.
thanks again
ps do you chew backer

Manually empty the Temp folder in Windows directory included all the sub-directories.

After that, try installing again.