NERO install with Roxio

I have new computer that came with Roxio easy creator 5 installed. I want to install NERO 5.5.82 also and be able to use both. Any suggestions before I leap in?:cool:

Hi !

You probably wont get many replies, as this has been asked, and answered, a thousand times !!
You should look at the posts here about it, the sticky posts for Newbies, and also the Q and A.
Theres a help tool at Ahead Nero site thatll keep you busy a while.
Personally, I wont mix 'em, and I dont want ECDC on my drive , thanks! However they will work together, I believe, as long as they are new versions. There are a few tricks to use if you have probs.

In a case like this you must do some of the legwork !
These guys spend more time replying like this to posts, than they do to all the other problems put together !!

Nothing personal…Good luck !

Al Bags. :slight_smile:

I ran both on my system - (don’t like Easy CD - lots of problems actually getting it to work)

I installed Easy Cd on one drive, and created a folder and installed Nero on another drive - both work perfectly without any dramas.

Nero is so superior to Easy CD - unless you need to use it (I do), don’t bother. Stick with Nero.

The both coexist on my systems with problems as long as I don’t install any of the packet writing programs. I use them both equally.

I have EZCD 5.0/5.1 and the latest Nero on my system. They work fine together for me. The older versions did not however. I did not install InCD as that will not work with DirectCD as they are packet writing programs and as a general rule, it will create a problem having two packet writing programs at the same time. I however use DirectCD 5.0 because it writes to CDR disks as well as CDRW disks and InCD can not do that.

I get a lot of use out of both Nero and EZCD and so I am very content with both. It is up to you to see how you like them and use them together. Some folks do still report problems with one or the other of these programs and EZCD has a bad press in these forums.:bigsmile:

I have both, no problems till date. Go ahead.